Overcoming Barriers

There’s lots of great reasons to be more active. Regular exercise can help improve your heart health, control your weight, and boost your energy. Find out more here:

There’s lots of great reasons to be more active, please see the following website for more information: Click Here

Mental Health

It’s also important to realize that there is a strong link between your physical and mental health, and just like any other health-related disease, mental health issues can negatively impact your drive to make healthy, active choices. Exercise is proven to help mental disorders. So if you are struggling with a condition like depression or anxiety, you can keep your mental and physical health in check with exercise.

Chronic Pain

And according to a study in the Clinic Journal of Pain. Exercise is effective for the management of chronic low back pain for fibromyalgia syndrome.

Chronic Diseases

According to the Mayo Clinic, if you have a chronic condition, regular exercise can help you manage symptoms and improve your health.

Aerobic exercise can help to improve your heart health and endurance and aid in weight loss. Strength training can improve muscle strength and endurance, make it easier to do daily activities, slow disease-related declines in muscle strength, and provide stability to joints. Flexibility exercises may help you to have optimal range of motion about your joints, so they can function best, and stability exercises may help reduce the risk of falls.

For example:

  • Heart disease. Regular exercise can help improve your heart health. Recent studies have shown that interval training is often tolerated well in people with heart disease, and it can produce significant benefits.
  • Diabetes. Regular exercise can help insulin more effectively lower your blood sugar level. Physical activity also can help you control your weight and boost your energy.
  • Asthma. Often, exercise can help control the frequency and severity of asthma attacks.
  • Back pain. Regular low-impact aerobic activities can increase strength and endurance in your back and improve muscle function. Abdominal and back muscle exercises (core-strengthening exercises) may help reduce symptoms by strengthening the muscles around your spine.
  • Arthritis. Exercise can reduce pain, help maintain muscle strength in affected joints and reduce joint stiffness.

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