Overcoming Barriers

Many people in eastern Washington expressed that when money is tight and stress is high, there are many associated barriers in trying to include more fruits and vegetable into their diets. Here are some tips for overcoming those barriers:

  • Confidence in preparing fresh food – It can be hard to teach yourself how to include fruits and veggies into your meals, especially if it isn’t something you grew up around. Look into free cooking courses offered through Salvation Army’s life skill classes , or volunteering at a community kitchen to start learning the basics.
  • Lifestyle – Over the years, your eating habits have been shaped by your culture, lifestyle and environment. It’s easy to get used to eating fast food, but you can also break habits over time. Start by being aware of the habits you want to change, figuring out why the habits exist, and then making a plan to slowly change your diet little by little.
  • Culture – Immigrants that come from other countries are typically used to foods, diets and health care systems that are much different. Programs like the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) can help people adapt to American food and its nutritional value to make healthy choices.

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