One challenge you might face is getting to and from the grocery store. No one wants to carry heavy groceries around town. Here are some options you can try:

  • Carpool – Get a ride with a friend, family member or coworker when they’re already planning on going to the grocery store. You can also carpool to Farmer’s Markets, since so many people attend. And don’t forget to use your SNAP Market Match!
  • Bicycle – Putting a basket on a bicycle makes it easier to carry groceries, and you’ll also get exercise!
  • Buy in bulk – When there are deals or specials on bulk options for healthy foods, make sure to take advantage of them, and share with others.
  • Community kitchen – Look into some local community kitchens like Women & Children’s Free Restaurant or Second Harvest.
  • Gardening – You can promote healthier eating for yourself and your community by starting a community garden! Start by finding people who would be interested in helping, identifying resources for the garden, and securing a sponsor. Learn more about starting a community garden from the American Community Gardening Association.
  • Medicaid Transportation-You may be eligible for transportation services if you have a current Medical Assistance Identification Card that you use to pay for your healthcare and you have no other way to get to and from your healthcare appointments through Special Mobility Services.

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